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Per the NSSAR, all members must pay local, state and national membership fees yearly to remain active. There is no option to join only the national SAR. After 50 years of membership, the NSSAR awards you Emeritus status and your dues are waived going forward.

However, the WRSSAR offers a unique Life Membership opportunity. Upon joining and paying the WRSSAR life membership fee in full, the WRSSAR will guarantee to pay all local, state and national dues until you reach Emeritus status.


Payment of the Life Membership Fee signifies your acceptance and understanding of our policy explained below:

The WRSSAR Life Membership program is available to nationally approved SAR members who wish to join the WRSSAR, OHSSAR and NSSAR as a life member. Upon payment of the current fee which is set by the Board, the WRSSAR will pay the annual WRSSAR, OHSSAR and NSSAR local dues for the life of the member.

Memberships cannot be transferred for any reason. Once a member is a Life Member of the WRSSAR, due to the structure of the NSSAR, they will also remain as life members of the OHSSAR and NSSAR. If the member moves to another local or state area, they can pay for additional dual memberships but the Life Program will not pay any dues fees except to WRS/OHS/NSSAR.

There is a one time caveat to this policy. A new member of the WRSSAR Life Membership Program has 365 days from the day that the WRSSAR receives the life payment to request a refund. The WRSSAR will refund the original amount received at the time of purchase (if a credit card is used, the refund will be reduced by the processing fee) less whatever dues renewal fees have already been paid to WRS/OHS/NSSAR. This request for a special refund must be in writing and presented to an officer of the WRSSAR. No additional refunds or transfers will be considered.

Additionally, Life Members are responsible for ensuring that the WRSSAR is updated of their address and/or phone/email address. Should the WRSSAR be unable to contact a member to confirm that he is still living, a certified letter will be sent to the last known address of the member. If the member does not respond to that certified letter within 30 days, the WRSSAR will consider the member deceased, update their roster, and cease to make future dues payments for the assumed deceased life member. If the member is not in fact deceased, and should the member contact the WRSSAR and request to be reinstated, after appropriate investigation, the Registrar is authorized to reinstate the Life Member and pay dues to WRS, OHS and NSSAR.